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The education system in Greece is much organized as it is in the rest of Europe. The education system in is centralized. The Ministry of Education and Religion of Greece oversees the sphere of culture and science. Read more...

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Hellas for Education, Business & Properties Consulting & Services (Hellas EBPCS) is established as a company to attract clients who needs full assistance in receiving an ultimate support using one company as a source in Greece.

Hellas for Education, Business & Properties Consulting & Services (Hellas EBPCS) is the official guide to Greece and comprehensive source of Greek legal and institutional framework. Its objective is to provide reliable information and full assistance to any foreigner who is wishing to know the operating framework of the Greek legal system.

The concise and comprehensible content is covering the whole range of issues that citizens of other countries might raise with respect to the law applicable in Greece and simple and simultaneously detailed answers, freely accessible to people from around the world

Frequently Asked Questions

What consultancy & services HELLAS EBPCS provides?

HELLAS for EDUCATION, BUSINESS & PROPERTIES CONSULTING & SERVICES is created to provide full consulting services to foreigners who wants to :
2. Start up BUSINESS 
3. Buy desired PROPERTIES
HELLAS EBPCS is ready to assist its clients , providing qualified Legal Advisory, Notary Services, Translating Services, Tax and Accounting Services, Internal Audit & etc.
HELLAS EBPCS is fusion of professionals and experts in legal, tax, translation, property management, recruiting, event management & etc.
HELLAS EBPCS will take care of your case.
Contact +30 69 56 46 53 73 v w im

How long it takes to get detailed reply from HELLAS EBPCS?

Detailed reply back takes  upto five working days. Short and quick consultations, please contact us on : +30 69 56 46 53 73 v w im

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